Hi everyone,
     Below is the required equipment as outlined in the National Inline Hockey Association of Canada (NIHA) rulebook:

– Inline skates – All players and goaltenders must wear in-line skates. The number of wheels on a skate must correspond to the design of the frame – ALL BRAKE PADS MUST BE REMOVED

– Hockey stick – All sticks (including goaltenders’ sticks) may be made of wood, fiberglass or aluminum and/or any other material approved by NIHACanada. Plastic blades are not recommended

– CSA approved helmet with full face mask

– Shin pads (covered) – hockey socks or roller hockey pants are acceptable

– Elbow pads (covered by sleeves of sweater)

– Jock strap or jill

– Hockey gloves

– Protective pant or girdle (covered).

* Note: shoulder pads are not required but are allowed and encouraged for younger players